Progressive's well-known DR-spokesperson model has proven very successful. So much so that Box has successfully become a Fraser-esque spinoff based on the actual "boxes" of insurance sold by Flo.

While the early the creative was mostly a direct-to-camera affair–heavy on sell and cardboard jokes–my partners and I were able to push this spokes-object campaign to a place that felt significantly more grounded, situational, and (relatively) rooted in comedy over product.

Huge bonus: Box is voiced by actual-genius Chris Parnell in full Dr. Spaceman mode and working with him was an all-time highlight of all things,

"Therapy" :30

Creative Director: Josh Kahn
Art Directors: Dave Wall & Ana-Ruth Watts

"Origin of NYP" :30

Creative Director: Josh Kahn
Art Director: Ana-Ruth Watts

Box's B-Side TV/Tunage

OK STORY TIME so once upon a time (still upon a time?) there was a television spot named Box's B-Side. I wrote/made it with totally-kickass partner Brittany Riley. It came out pretty funny, I think!

Part of the fun was when Britt, myself, and immortally smooth CD Josh Kahn came up with a ridiculously sensual song about insurance stuff. After Box himself (the actually-immortal Chris Parnell) put his pipes against it, Pulse Music knocked the production out of the park and then we all went out for ice cream. Fun times!

The breakdown at :40 is going to the Library of Congress someday I can feel it.

SO THEN ANYHOO, between a super cool client and the fact that THE TRACK IS SO DOPE, we got to make a music video spot, which was reportedly Progressive's top performing spot for some period of time lol advertising is so weird

Art Director: Brittany Riley
Creative Director: Josh Kahn