Dunkin Donuts is the third most iconic brand to come out of Boston, just behind obnoxious sports fans and weird accents.

It's also the first brand I got to really sink my teeth into (haha food jokes) and it was a great training ground for silly joke-making in the advertising world. Anyway, here are some silly jokes about food.

"Couch" TV



So this one time, Dunkin wanted to digitally capitalize on a partnership with ESPN’s Monday Night Football. Our solution? Coffee cups playing football, of course!

This was a labor-intensive, discovery-filled process where every Monday night, myself, a fellow creative, and an account person would eat pizza, watch football, and then (desperately) animate the most relevant play of the game in what was possibly the silliest way possible.

It was a great boot camp for real-time response-type stuff, writing fast, and sweating all over props at 11pm on a weekly basis. Also, the responses were pretty fun/twittery. This was my favorite:

Screen shot 2016 06 13 at 12.42.26 pm

Haha, jokes on YOU, Andy. My grandmother has no idea I'm even employed!