Flo from Progressive is a (well-tread) cultural icon, and what do all cultural icons have in common? People make up really weird stuff about them on the internet.

This 30 second TV spot was a super fun way to riff off a fake woman with very-real (and somewhat deranged?) haters. The truth is out there, people.

Now you might be asking yourself: "Would a real-life TV spot making fun of real-life conspiracies cause people to make up more real-life conspiracies?"

The answer is yes. Like, a lot.

For the full 20 minute deconstruction, make sure to check out Jonathan's (surprisingly popular) Youtube page.


Did you that know Flo sells motorcycle insurance? This guy doesn't because motorcycles are very loud.

Art Director: Thomas Hair
Creative Directors: Josh Kahn & Nate Donabed


Progressive set out to partner with one of the biggest movie releases of the summer, and we ended up with a super cool 45 second cinema cut of a super legit spot. This is that.

Theatre Cut

Art Director: Doug Harry
Creative Director: Sean McBride

SIDE NOTE: I'm actually sort of afraid of ghosts plz don't tell anyone.