Life Relabeled

Campbell's wanted an Instagram-specific campaign to break through the clutter (the "clutter" here being "low engagement").

The idea was "Life Relabeled"–an artist series reimagining the most iconic can in history. Each "Relabeling" would feature a different term, phrase, or made-up-word with a definition totally made up by yrs truly.

Every post laddered back to strategic pillars that included: flu season, cold weather, and raising children. Thankfully, I grew up in Boston and–while childless–was actually once a children myself.

Img 3169

Img 3168

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And while the writeups were smart and strategic and fun (lmk if you wanna see a deck/spreadsheet) the REAL fun was getting to work directly with 20+ artists to realize 40+(!) concepts in a broad array of styles on a tight budget.

On launch, the engagement was great (true) and we sold the client on a video of our favorite designs set to the tune of "Kiss From A Rose" by Seal (lol not true I just made one because what other song would go here?)

Life Happens, Soup Helps.

Campbell's was posting and promoting TV spots from their "Real, Real Life" campaign and they were–unsurprisingly–not doing great. That's when they came to us for a Facebook-specific campaign that would capture the real-realness in a really-engaging way.

The result was a found-footage campaign aimed at busy parents with a simple message. BONUS it also turned out they did very well on Snapchat as well. Some favorites:

The Country Cocktail Gang

Jack Daniel’s Country Cocktails don’t have much in common with Jack’s other offerings–talented partner/Briton-in-chief Rick Banks refers to it as “alco-pop” which isn’t inaccurate.

The resulting campaign asked one important question: what if six bottles of sugary booze had an all-digital, all social-post sitcom?

Cover photo

Once we had zeroed in on the idea of a Friends-like cast of six distinct personalities (the chatty one, the lazy one, the responsible one etc.) the only thing left to do was to way overproduce a variety posts, everything from screenshots to fake craigslist posts.





Group message 1

Group message 2


(I'm aware these were insane but there was very little budget and hey why not mess with people on craigslist right?)

Craigslist 1

Craigslist 2

Craigslist 3

The client loved it, and we were off and running. Once we were off and running, the client reconsidered and pulled the plug. It’s like they always say: you win some, you lose some, and you also lose the ones you thought you’d already won.

Flo's How-To Office Prank Guide

With millions of fans on Facebook, April Fool's is a big day for Flo. So to make with the funny, we decided to not try and convince everyone that Flo is a lizard who's quitting insurance or whatever (eyeroll) and instead provide folks with a highly actionable, very-serious prank guide.

Panda bear fake out

Super surprise birthday party

Glitter bomb

Ice cream filled desk gag

Paper tray unicornification


Cigna's GO YOU campaign set out to let people know that it's okay to be yourself, no matter what. For over a year, I learned the day-in and day-out battle of making, selling, and posting work for an always-on social campaign.

Uncompare 03

Look less leap more

Get out of your way

Assembly line