I also enjoy goofing around because life is a hoot, ya know?

ICR Summer 2018

Podcasts generally skew towards long-ish, conversational affairs between friends.

In the wake of scripted affairs like Welcome To Night Vale and the chaos of shows like Comedy Bang Bang, some friends and I created a heavily sound designed sketch comedy show called Intercontinental Radio 1.

We released a full season of 20-ish minute episodes for a binge-able experience, now available on every platform! All of them! (It's also available on Spotify).

This is the trailer:

Written/Produced by: Zack Norton, Adam Langlois, and Thom Crowley
Engineering/Sound Design by: Eric Brown @ waterlinenyc.com

FastCompany! 8-8-2017

One time I was venting to a coworker and she was like "you should write a thing about this". So I wrote the thing and FastCompany pumped it full of jargon but the initial joke remained intact so I'll take it as a W.

Screen shot 2018 03 17 at 12.29.07 pm

I love content.

Spider-Man Homecoming June 2017

Sometimes, robots promote products. One of those times, I got to use a beta developer portal to actually test and tweak Alexa's delivery and timing on jokes. It was fun.

PS: niceeeeeeeee

Make Us Great Again! Fall 2016

One of the most mystifying things about Trump has always been the fact that the stuff he says is...terrible! And people like a lot of it! Somehow!

During the election, partner Jose Luis Martinez coped by making a website where people could get real, genuine T-Shirts that feature quotes from the bigot himself. Because, well, what else is there to say?

I also wrote some jokes for it.


After we sold a few T-Shirts, Donald (thankfully) lost the 2016 election and nobody ever talked about him again. Anyway here's one of the writeups:

I could shoot somebody!

@Tide Trollin' 5-24-2016

ok so one morning I decided to tweet Tide because why are we here on this earth it's Tuesday okay let's do it

Screen shot 2016 06 27 at 8.30.16 am

made up wife? check. genuine sense of outrage? boom. i love brands.


Screen shot 2016 06 27 at 8.32.37 am

okay so then shit got real, especially in the sense that I did some research and Grumpy Community Manager @Tide was right–it turns out that Bounce™ is technically Proctor and Gamble's drier sheet brand, so I BROUGHT THE FIGHT TO THEIR HEAVILY BRANDED DOORSTEP

Screen shot 2016 05 24 at 2.42.40 pm

So then I bought some drier sheets and now I smell so fresh my imaginary ex-wife can't believe she ever walked out on me. Twitter rules.

Merry Arnold! Christmas 2015

Agency holiday videos tend to, um, kind of suck.

THANKFULLY Arnold Worldwide has the best Santa-in-residence any advertising place could ask for: holly, jolly, ECD-y Wade Devers. With a simple premise (kids don't care about the stuff our clients sell) and our willingness to shamelessly exploit our coworkers' offspring, Wade and I had a lot of fun making this dumb holiday video that actually doesn't, um, suck. In my opinion.

Portfolio Night Spring 2015

So one time Lance Jensen (great guy, sharp dresser etc etc) and the gang over at Hill Holliday (tall building, also sharply dressed) wanted to make a video for portfolio night. It was about some overly precocious hipster being a total dick, and for some reason they thought of me.

After several months of trying to get into character, we made this thing, which was pretty fun.


one time it snowed for like 8 weeks straight in Boston and everyone lost their minds. I was quoted in the LA Times promoting natural disasters as a means for socializing, which THEY CAN'T PRINT IT IF IT'S NOT TRUE

Screen shot 2016 06 22 at 8.55.57 pm

also this is the article http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-boston-snowed-under-20150216-story.html

Softball! August 2013

I used to play in The Boston Comedy Softball League, which is exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of loud mouthed, overly competitive, totally out of shape lunatics taking a thing way too seriously. It's great.

Anyway, in 2013 I played for a comedy club called Mottley’s that doesn’t exist anymore. During the championship game, a small crowd of children from Qatar wandered onto the field. After guiding them off the field, I organized them into an unofficial cheering section for our team which (I think) gave us the edge to win the whole shebang. It's probably/literally the greatest thing I've ever done.

This is a picture of us after the game.


Hello Let's Date 2013

My buddy and fellow comic/terrible human being Adam Langlois likes to say weird things to strangers on Tinder and started posting those interactions to a website he made called www.helloletsdate.com. It's very funny and you should probably check it out.

Tumblr n2l7711ema1t4t86to1 r1 500

As well as being featured on a few guest posts, I wrote the tagline (“One man’s quest for love online”) and created the logo (that’s my terrible, terrible, handwriting above).