In the year of our Lord 2018, Campbell’s wanted to combat the perception that canned soup is anything less than safe, nutritious, and ever-improving.

Our solution was UnCanned, which combines existing search trends with our clients’ topics of choice, creating a “Questions answered” style edu-tainment hub that avoids the (painfully overdone) corporate food-transparency tropes like fields, farmers, and farmers in fields.

PS my favorite joke is at :39 in the GMO video

Between a distinct tabletop style, some tongue-in-cheek jokes, and a goofily can-based UX, it was fun to take Campbell's typically traditional brand and push it to a place that feels modern, and ever-so-slightly irreverent.

It's a fun scroll! Anyway here's some jokes.


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Moving from strategy to creative involved a LOT of working-through with Campbell's myriad legal, R&D, and marketing departments to essentially crowdsource-and-write their actual corporate POV on some of the most hot-button issues facing the industry.

The process was complex, painstaking, and I got to learn a lot of actually-cool information which was pretty neat (also the Campbell’s cafeteria is pretty good imo).

Shout out to account guy Dale for riding an Amtrak with me for six months! Goodtimes!

Director: Tim Whitney
Art Director: Andy Sheffield